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Theatre Festival 2018

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What did you learn at Theatre Festival?

35 students attended workshops and performances at Illinois State University, January 11-13, 2018. A few of them chose to share their experiences here.

Madison Porter:

I learned dancing isn’t all about skill. I’m not the finest dancer so doing broadway, hip hop, and monster bash dancing made for quite a struggle at first. Getting into it though, I realized dancing is mainly about feeling. The skill makes it shine for others to see but the improvisation and the personal spins one can put on a dance are what make up dancing’s fundamentals.

Garrett Brown:

On our last day at theatrefest, I went to go see the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). The basic plot of it was a group of performers trying to perform 37 of Shakespeares plays. I learned about many more different ways to perform and interpret scenes from shows. I will use what I learned to improve my performance in Moline Theatre.

Colin Stewart: 

I learned a lot this weekend about all my friends and a lot about theater. The workshop I did attend paled in comparison to the time I spent with my friends seeing shows and walking around campus. I find that my personal relationships have been strengthened by the time we spent together.

Emerald Pierson:

I attended a workshop about how to select and prepare a monologue. I found it very helpful because I need to prepare a monologue for the upcoming show and i would like to join encore next year

Zach McCloud:

I went to my first dance workshop and it was a really fun, entertaining, and learning experience because now I know how hard it actually is to dance and to do it well.

Zoe Zelnio:

I really enjoyed my first experience at theater fest this year! It was a great way to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. In a workshop I attended, my friends and I danced to a fairly difficult Broadway number. It was such a great experience to learn how dance auditions for any sort of show. It was a great way to let loose and try something new.

Stay tuned for more! Or come to Drama Club on Jan.16 or Jan.30, 3:15-4 in E114.

MUSICAL Rehearsals Begin

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GUEST BLOGGER: Grace Schneider

The rehearsal process for Chicago has begun and we couldn't be more excited! The parents and cast had the opportunity to receive some background on the show as well as meet their directing staff. Afterwards, the cast got their scripts and had their first readthrough of the script and the music. The glorious voices of this talented cast cascaded throughout the choir room as they sang through the songs. Their enthusiasm radiated through the dancing and laughter that filled the space. The grins that held the faces of the directing staff, cast, and stage managers foreshadows the wonderful show to come.

See you on December 7th, 8th, or 9th at 7pm at Moline High School. Saturday night will be a big night of appreciation: our last show in the auditorium before renovations!

Here's the link to our rehearsal reports:

Stay tuned for more photos, videos, and more!

A Busy First Week

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What a busy first week of Theatre Events at Moline High School. We had our first Drama Club meeting, attend by about 100 students. We had auditions for the fall play, Iphigenia, and there were 72 auditioners. We also have more auditions coming up this week: Callbacks for Iphigenia and Auditions for the ComedySportz High School League troupe.

I feel very welcomed into this amazing group of students. I'm excited to see how we grow this year.

If you'd like to be a guest blogger on our website, contact me at [email protected] Or just come to Drama Club and volunteer.

-Kristin Koski